Become a Our Site Advertising Partner!

Become a Our Site Advertising Partner!

Here are a few reasons why you will be delighted with your partnership and advertising investment with Our Site Travel Guide.

1. Reach millions.
This 700-page website receives a staggering 5.5 million visits a year from 200+ countries. Our travel journal provides plenty of insider's tips for the best things to do and places to see. Since the majority of the visitors each year to Asheville are couples, the original focus was helping them create wonderful experiences. Now the guide also has a big local following and used by all, whether planning a family vacation, friends getaway or a solo retreat throughout western North Carolina. Read more about us!

2. Tell your story.
Our readers respond best to descriptive copy and photographs, not display ads. Business features have an editorial feel to keep our authenticity, which gives greater credibility and more useful information. You will never see a banner ad here. Need a little help with ideas? We love to share marketing advice and help you create a custom promotion that matches your offerings with our reader's interests.

3. Track your success.
Receive periodic reports on the number of click-throughs to your Web site after reading your information on Our Site. We love data, so we will help you figure out ways to do even better.

4. Be a part of a community.
Our Site is not just a bunch of information. We are a community, working together to create amazing experiences for visitors to the NC mountains in 35 towns and 16 counties.

5. Reach beyond the Website.
Our marketing campaign includes very successful search engine optimization, social media network, and public relations contacts. We are highly ranked by Google and receive the majority of our traffic through organic searches. Travel writers contact us for ideas. Our social media networks reach a half million people each month on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter! Sign up for our monthly email update.

6. Give back.
Our "Giving Website" supports many community organizations that work hard to promote and protect our natural and man-made resources in Western North Carolina. In fact, 25% of our listing revenue is matched for promotion of non-profit businesses, attractions, and festivals. Read more about our community support!

7. Get connected.
Meet other travel and tourism leaders in western North Carolina with our networking. We now cover 16 counties: Buncombe, Swain, Graham, Macon, Jackson, Transylvania, Haywood, Madison, Henderson, Polk, Rutherford, McDowell, Burke, Yancey, Mitchell, and Avery. We also work closely with Biltmore, Blue Ridge Parkway, national forests, state parks, and many other attractions.

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